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Dems using ‘sabotage’ more, plus 40% off!

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The Democrats are using “sabotage” more frequently, and as you might guess, I’m heartened. They are using that word increasingly to describe what the president is doing to the United States Postal Service. It’s not clear what he’s doing, or what impact those changes will have on the election, but given that Donald Trump is Donald Trump, “sabotage” seems apt. “Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), chair of the House subcommittee responsible for postal oversight, called the reorganization ‘a deliberate sabotage’ to the nation’s mail service and a ‘Trojan Horse,’” according to the Post.

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In case you missed it ….

Monday Aug. 3
Is Trump losing his party?
Steven Mnuchin is playing both sides: the president’s and the Republicans’.

Tuesday Aug. 4
Electoral College as incentive to murder
Blame the pandemic on Trump. Blame it on our system, too.

Wednesday Aug. 5
Trump encounters suffering, unamazed
Has any president been as out of touch?

Thursday Aug. 6
‘Election night’ will end in 2021
Prepare now for months of lawlessness, corruption and violence.

Friday Aug. 7
SE Cupp’s pose-striking punditry
She and other conservatives can’t let go of a time long gone.

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