Mia Brett

Mia Brett, PhD, is the Editorial Board's legal historian. She lives with her gorgeous dog, Tchotchke. You can find her @queenmab87.

The 14th Amendment does not make abortion unconstitutional

August 9, 2021 /

There’s little evidence writers of the 14th Amendment considered fetuses or abortion or pregnancy or really even women.

For women shut out of the criminal system, civil litigation is a powerful tool for accountability

July 30, 2021 /

A criminal court is not the only place to support their voices.

Laws aiming to counter impact of ‘The 1619 Project’ miss chance to tell a positive story

July 24, 2021 /

But kids might learn about white supremacy, writes Mia Brett.

Texas creates a market for abortion vigilantism

July 16, 2021 /

It’s a transparent ploy to avoid federal courts, writes Mia Brett.

The law corrects for past discrimination against Native children. But conservatives say it’s unconstitutionally based on race.

July 12, 2021 /

Mia Brett reminds us of the importance of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Bill Cosby spent more time in jail than 97 percent of rapists who never spend a day behind bars

July 2, 2021 /

Why is due process needed to believe woman? asks Mia Brett.

Britney Spears joins a long US history of eugenics and forced sterilization of those with disabilities

June 25, 2021 /

Buck v. Bell has never been overturned, writes Mia Brett.

Who’s afraid of critical race theory? After reading this essay, hopefully you’ll see it isn’t scary at all

June 11, 2021 /

Mia Brett explains the current right-wing boogeyman.

Debates over crime often omit domestic violence. Is that because most of the victims are women?

June 4, 2021 /

Mia Brett writes a brief legal history of intimate partner violence.

Most shooting massacres are domestic violence incidents occurring in the home and out of sight

May 28, 2021 /

Seventy-five percent of shooters buy guns legally, says Mia Brett.