Mia Brett

Mia Brett, PhD, is the Editorial Board's legal historian. She lives with her gorgeous dog, Tchotchke. You can find her @queenmab87.

The history that went into killing Adam Toledo

April 16, 2021 /

Most of us think policing was invented to deal with crime. Not so, says Mia Brett.

A voting law doesn’t have to mention race to disenfranchise voters according to race

April 10, 2021 /

Mia Brett explains why America needs HR1.

‘Vaccine passports,’ or something like them, are a common feature in American history

April 3, 2021 /

This is a far cry from fascism or tyranny, writes Mia Brett.

Yes, the founders favored gun control

March 27, 2021 /

Don’t believe the NRA’s propaganda, writes Mia Brett.

Atlanta shooter’s claims—’sex addiction,’ eliminating ‘temptation,’ Christian morality—do not matter

March 18, 2021 /

The truth is obvious if only we dare to see, says Mia Brett.