Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein covers legal affairs, health care and politics for the Editorial Board. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, she’s a judge for the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Find her @beyerstein.

Will a jury finally convict white insurrectionists?

October 7, 2022 /

The government’s case is strong. But history is against it.

Judge Cannon’s sideshow

September 30, 2022 /

The criminal investigation into the classified documents is continuing.

Three-judge panel says Donald Trump can’t sue his way out of a criminal investigation

September 29, 2022 /

Appeals court slams Trump-appointed judge for abuse.

My Pillow Guy is the heart of the ‘Big Lie’ conspiracy

September 19, 2022 /

It’s surprising it took so long for the FBI to take his phone.

The former guy has no claim to the current executive’s privilege

September 12, 2022 /

In a privilege fight between a sitting president and a former guy merely defending himself, the former guy should lose every time. 

Team Trump keeps admitting to an ongoing crime

August 30, 2022 /

His boasts that he owns the documents are undercutting his lawyers’ attempts to portray a brazen theft as an accident. 

Allen Weisselberg can’t plead the Fifth anymore

August 22, 2022 /

He used to protect Donald Trump that way. But no more.

Alex Jones’ many-splendored phone

August 11, 2022 /

Norm Pattis, Connecticut trial lawyer, burned his client.

The mob did what Trump wanted

July 26, 2022 /

The J6 committee deftly illustrated Thursday what was going on inside and outside the White House during that time.

Even if Griswold stands, states are likely to ban contraception

July 6, 2022 /

How? By saying it’s the same as abortion.