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If Biden is risky for Democrats, Trump is far riskier for the GOP

By John Stoehr / February 20, 2024 /

Trump and the Republicans are one. If he goes down, they all go down.

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When people tell you that Biden is doing to Trump what Putin did to Navalny, they are telling you they don’t believe in anything

By John Stoehr / February 16, 2024 /

A democracy can’t afford to empower such cynicism.

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House Republicans ‘will regret’ voting for impeachment inquiry

By John Stoehr / December 15, 2023 /

An interview with the peerless Jill Lawrence.

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Impeachment is probably coming

By John Stoehr / December 6, 2023 /

We shouldn’t have any illusions about it. I doubt the president does.

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What does ‘conservative’ even mean anymore?

By John Stoehr / November 16, 2023 /

Ronald Reagan wouldn’t recognize today’s GOP. Or would he?

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For Trump’s Christian supporters, religion and politics are one

By John Stoehr / July 24, 2023 /

They’re not pretending otherwise. The rest of us shouldn’t either.

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GOP wants to paint Trump’s impeachments as meaningless even as they try to ‘eradicate both votes from history’

By John Stoehr / June 26, 2023 /

Just one problem.

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The presidency can save Trump

By John Stoehr / June 21, 2023 /

Only democratic politics can stop him.

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Do we have to use ‘cult’ to describe normal illiberal politics?

By John Stoehr / June 16, 2023 /

Hillary Clinton knows the answer.

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The Bloody River

By Samantha Hancox-Li / June 11, 2024 /

For an enduring peace in Israel and Palestine, liberal democracy on both sides of the border is the only way, writes Samantha Hancox-Li.

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