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The Republicans may have the House, but the Democrats have the respectable white people

By John Stoehr / November 17, 2022 /

They haven’t begun calling themselves Democrats, though.

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In ‘safe’ Highland Park, white-power violence finally comes for respectable white people 

By John Stoehr / July 5, 2022 /

Will they blame the Republicans or will they turn to them for protection against the anarchy and chaos that the Republicans created?

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The rightwing is now getting respectable white people to believe that other respectable white people are dangerous

By John Stoehr / May 10, 2022 /

How long will that work?

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So much depends on respectable white people. We need them to see sadism is the GOP’s point

By John Stoehr / October 11, 2021 /

There is no middle way. There is no neutral position.

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What’s good for Nazis and their white-power enablers should be good for Americans and theirs

By Richard Sudan / September 22, 2022 /

Unlike Emmett Till, Carolyn Bryant Donham is alive.

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The people can’t be trusted to choose liberal democracy

By John Stoehr / June 20, 2022 /

Liberals must push them toward it.

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When Democratic leaders and white liberals scapegoat the NRA

By John Stoehr / June 2, 2022 /

The convenient fictions constituting our political reality.

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When rightwing politics is made respectable, rightwingers kill

By John Stoehr / May 17, 2022 /

Case in point is the Buffalo massacre.

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‘I sincerely hope Joe Biden isn’t getting up every morning and wondering: “What can I do to get the white vote today?”’

By John Stoehr / November 5, 2021 /

The flipside of Thursday’s post.

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Can Biden and the Democrats beat white supremacy by spending trillions? The results from Virginia don’t inspire hope

By John Stoehr / November 4, 2021 /

Rethinking a presumed truth.

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