Mike Pence

Yes, it’s absurd, but fraudulent certificates are still fraudulent

By Lindsay Beyerstein / January 14, 2022 /

Coverage of the latest from the J6 committee lacks urgency.

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How gerrymandering paved the way for Trump — and his coups

By Jason Sattler / January 11, 2022 /

That “good news” you heard about gerrymandering? It isn’t.

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The inside game and the outside game: procedure plus a mob

By Lindsay Beyerstein / November 17, 2021 /

John Eastman co-wrote the blueprint for how Donald Trump could use the military, the police and criminal gangs to hold onto power.

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The Eastman memo is another reason why we badly need election reform. It’s also reason why reform won’t be enough

By John Stoehr / September 22, 2021 /

New laws won’t stop people who hold themselves above the law.

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