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Weekend caption contest!

Nobel winner Nadia Murad of Iraq tried explaining how and why ISIS murdered her family. This was the president’s face during that discussion. (I know; it’s hard to believe.) Who can come up with the best thought bubble? The winner gets a special citation in Monday’s edition! And while you’re here, consider giving the Editorial…

A theory I’m working on

My theory is that children are the final frontier of human rights, and I’m thinking this because so many Americans don’t seem to give a good goddamn about what’s happening to children at the border or about the former child victims now seeking justice as Jeffrey Epstein’s adult accusers. The late scholar Elisabeth Young-Bruehl called…

An important question

Are we experiencing a revival of American fascism? Or are we experiencing the chaos that occurs when one political regime gives way to another? That’s what Corey Robin claims in this piece. He and Jack Balkin think of Trump as a “disjunctive president.” As Balkin notes, in disjunctive regimes, the dominant party coalition fractures. Tensions…

I need some help

I need some help thinking about this piece from Jonathan Bernstein. I normally agree with his takes, but this one rubs me the wrong way. I can’t quite tell why though. I’d love to hear your thoughts.