Richard Sudan

Richard Sudan covers human rights and American foreign affairs for the Editorial Board. Based in London, his reporting has appeared in The Guardian, Independent and others. Find him @richardsudan.

In Afghanistan, occupation isn’t the only thing the US should end. It should end sanctions, too

August 24, 2021 /

The United Nations Human Rights Council calls on America and its global allies to stop “the punishment of innocent civilians.”

When it comes to treatment of Haitians, there’s little difference between Biden and Trump

August 10, 2021 /

By sending them back to poverty, detainment, persecution or worse, the US forfeits the moral high ground regarding human rights.  

On Cuba, Biden must keep his promise

July 30, 2021 /

Lift sanctions. End the embargo. Empower the Cuban people.

Biden and Harris are wrong on the border

June 22, 2021 /

Pandering to lies serves no one, writes Richard Sudan

Canada has designated the Proud Boys a domestic terror group. Why hasn’t the US?

June 2, 2021 /

Doing so would raise hard questions, writes Richard Sudan.

Report by human-rights lawyers calls lethal police force against Black people ‘crimes against humanity’

May 11, 2021 /

It reflects intense focus on America from around the world, says Richard Sudan.