Noah Berlatsky

Noah Berlatsky writes about the political economy for the Editorial Board. He lives in Chicago. Find him @nberlat.

Overconfident in minority rule, the Republicans forgot how to compete democratically

September 7, 2022 /

Case in point is their proposed plan for Social Security. 

Why the Republicans hate Biden’s college debt plan

August 30, 2022 /

It threatens the social hierarchy and established order.

The filibuster killed the $35 insulin price cap

August 23, 2022 /

There would be more compromise without the Senate rule

Biden is wrong. More cops does not mean less crime

August 12, 2022 /

The president should propose spending on human services to make people safer and happier – and more likely to vote for Democrats.

The Editorial Board explains the Inflation Reduction Act

August 3, 2022 /

“I struggle to find enough superlatives to describe this deal.”

Biden wants to fight inflation by soaking the rich, but centrists and the GOP are in the way

July 28, 2022 /

Catering to bloated oligarchs who want to hoover up wealth and power.

For Biden, a brighter future, perhaps

July 14, 2022 /

There’s a reasonable chance that Biden’s approval rating has bottomed out and can start crawling toward something better. 

Biden reduced US military involvement worldwide. Antiwar critics still won’t give him credit

July 7, 2022 /

That’s a problem for those hoping to see less military violence. 

Anti-establishment profit-making

June 29, 2022 /

On Substackers, crypto and Trump.

The Republicans could help the president with inflation, but that would require helping him

June 21, 2022 /

Now the Fed is poised to trigger a recession.